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    Default Sending sms from pc to mobile phones

    Please any one help me in sending sms from pc to phone for my final year mini project.i have finished 50% of my coding and the remaining is sending sms.i dont have have any knowledge of j2me.i designed my front-end in java swing and back-end is oracle and the phone number will be in the database.Now how to connect swing with the mobile and how to send sms to phones.please any one help me in my project of giving coding and tutorials.

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    Read Beginning J2ME - From Novice to Professional or Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA. What you can do is mobile application to connect with pc through Bluetooth or you can set up a web service (that will mean that most of existing code, specially GUI, will be thrown in rubbish bin and only processing logic can be reused). Next you will need to setup service with some company that provides SMS service outside of mobile operators group. Just Google it for it

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