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    Default Need help urgent! Is this possible ?

    I want to ask are these things possible (I use J2ME)
    1) Normally, when you make a call, you input a phone number and that phone number appear from right to left. Can I code that the phone number appear from left to right ?
    2) For example, when I type a first number, the phone with auto-search in my contacts and auto-fill the predictive phone number priority from 1 to 9. If I see that auto-filled phone number is wrong I press "navigation" button to next phone number (or type the next number and it repeat auto-searching again ...)
    3) When I enter call button, it will make a call
    I use Nokia 6070
    Thank you very much!

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    Also cross posted in the Sun Java forum (threadID=5335193) and Forum Nokia (p=476522#post476522).


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