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    Default HTML tags anyone?

    Hello everyone

    HTML code is Off
    This is probably because of potential malicious content. But, is it not possible to use an Anti-Virus program? I just learned how to write basic HTML and use applets. :D I think it would be a wonderful tool to use, both as something to play with and a way to explain or express ourselves. I haven't thought of how I would put an applet on a post yet. :rolleyes:

    Just an idea though. Thank you. ;)
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    Default Caveat emptor.

    It's the scripting that hooks, study of how and where leads to loss of useful workers who just 'try out something' on a system that is not intended for minor intrusion testing. Simple html 1.0 / 1.1 could be put to good use: The subscript and superscript tags are occasionally useful. So also blockquote, definition list and several widely underused tags that were placed in the original html concepting.

    Scripting can be an attack portal and is widely used as such by people who would be better served by decent books. Try Algorithms in Java by Sedgewick. Exceptional.

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    I think this is a good suggestion within reason.... as Nicholas described, I think limited HTML use would be nice to have.
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