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    Default Eclipse forum problem?


    it looks tht there is a problem accessing the Java-ide -> eclipse forum, when i click the link i get a message that the forum is empty

    the link is Eclipse
    and says as path Learn Java -> Java Example -> Eclipse

    (just wanted to have a llok if there are post about what to include in a Jar file , eclipse gives 3 options , but no explanation what to choose)

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    Default Re: Eclipse forum problem?

    That has happened to other forums before. It's really annoying.

    Plus the whole site was down all day yesterday. :-/
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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    Default Re: Eclipse forum problem?

    The most recent was the JDBC forum - which still hasn't been fixed. Evidently the url used to access a forum is being rewritten to send you into a near empty wasteland. The problem with JDBC was brought up elsewhere and I'll add a note mentioning the Eclipse forum is also affected.

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