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    Default [SUGGESTION] Images in signature.

    I believe it would be nice to allow us to add images to our signature as long as they're not obtrusive to the forum's theme and aren't too large.

    For example, this would be a reasonable signature:

    This would be a unreasonable signature:

    Don't really have a whole lot to say, it's just something I believe would give everyone more originality on the forum... be more unique.

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    Default Re: [SUGGESTION] Images in signature.

    I disagree. This is a technical forum, so filling it up with a ton of images might make everyone more "original", but that's not exactly the goal of the forum. If I'm coming here for Java help, I don't want to have to wade through a page whose contents are half images that have nothing to do with the technical topic at hand- many of which will be repeated over and over again as people reply to a thread. No thanks. Using a text signature should be plenty to express your individuality.

    Then again it's not my call, so I'm just voicing a dissenting opinion.
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