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    Default Avatar/Profile Pic Not Working

    Hi! I'm trying to set the following avatar:
    Avatar/Profile Pic Not Working-00265791.gif
    It says Invalid file.
    So I add the .gif to the end of the link.
    It is "unable to save file." Ditto for a static 100 x 100 .jpg from another site.
    What's happening here? I would also like to have another image from the same site ( simbada93 ) as a profile picture. And I would like to set a signature. When can I? Is there a post requirement?
    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Just saw that the avatar restriction is 80x80, not the usual 100x100. But then why won't a static 80x80 .JPG work? It "can't be saved" either...Thanks!
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    Default Re: Avatar/Profile Pic Not Working

    Actually, I'm having the same problem. My image is 79x74 and only 16k, but all I get is a generic "unable to save file" error when I try to upload a profile picture OR an avatar. Did the admins lock the image space? If you're holding it hostage, let me know who I have to bribe to get it working

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    Default Re: Avatar/Profile Pic Not Working

    I have the same problem. Not a clue what it is

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