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    Default Stickies

    So mine is a pretty simple suggestion.

    I am curious, why the more popular forums *pokes New To Java*, don't have stickiest with Forum Rules? It would sure be nice to be able to point someone out who is obviously doing something stupid (ex: Posting their full homework, or their final project).

    I am not saying that they have to be "rules" per say, i am saying something more like "guidelines". Just something that would allow for problems to be solved faster. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Thread Labels - Writing HELP ITS URGENT as a thread title is not only dumb, but it kills search engine rankings, and it doesn't help people in the future who have a specific problem.
    2. Specific Problems - Meaning not to just post your code and hope that someone will be bored enough to do it for you. (Specifically aiming this at Homework/Final projects that get posted all time)
    3. Post Errors - Saying that it doesnt work like it should, does not help anyone at all. It just makes the thread longer forcing members to ask "define BROKEN"
    4. Usage of IDEs - I am strcitly against absolute n00bs using IDEs. Notepad for the first few weeks, then textpad, gedit, vim, emacs, whatever else. Netbeans and Eclipse take away from a lot of core concepts that people need to learn (ex: classpath)
    5. Use [ code] tags - Having to format someones code only because they didnt use tags, is very very annoying.

    There are a few others that i can think of, but here is just an idea :)
    It would just be nice to point someone in the right direction when they ask how to make code tags and so on.

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    I agree. Great suggestions, I hope to see them or similar stickies implemented. Would be nice to cut down on the homework requests and other fluff in existence.

    I couldn't agree more with the "Help - Urgent" titles - I typically will not open these first - and if another more descriptive thread takes more of my time, then I most likely will not get to the "Help - Urgent" threads.

    I won't even look at your code right away, if not at all - if it is not wrapped in code tags.

    I would add that if English is not one's first language, that one make a strong effort to be as coherent as possible. I understand not everyone that comes to forums like these understands everything about English. But there are sites to assist someone that needs help with the language. Utilize those sites when posting - this will often bring a solution to your question even faster.

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    Using stickies is a good idea, but i know forums which have 5-10 stickies at the top of each forum. I try to keep the forum to be as simple as possible to read/follow. I think we should be careful while deciding on what to stick.

    But having a sticky thread for "New to Java" forum is a very good idea. Please post your new ideas to put in that sticky here and once we have enough content, lets post a sitcky thread to "New to Java" forum.

    By the way, we already have some forum rules here. So lets keep two lists for that sticky thread:

    1. Forum Rules and Suggestions: If you have any additional idea for forum rules and suggestions let me know. (e.g. Specific Problems as staykovmarin stated).

    2. Suggestions for Java Newbies: What do you suggest to members who recently starts to learn Java? (e.g. Usage of IDEs as staykovmarin stated).

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