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    Default Archiving old posts into a bundle,FAQ or tutorial

    Just a suggestion, in some threads, the amount of posts had reached >20 page or so, like the New in Java, it has >30 page

    Maybe archiving similar threads into a FAQ or a bundle or maybe a thorough tutorial bout the matter would ease the forum a bit, since the page below 10 and the last page are the most possible one to be read without using the search feature

    Yes sorting that much would be a lotta work, so like i said, just a suggestion :D


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    But I think later can be all the threads exceeds more than 20 posts. Best thin is leave them as it is. Because people have one better solution in the end. User has a option to get threads from the beginning, last month and so on.

    I think it is better, if I get correctly what you have told in your suggestion.

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