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    Default Updated Forum Rules

    I have prepared a couple of forum rules based on feedback i get and the problems i saw on the forum. New users should accept these rules before registering. Existing users: please check them and let me know if there is any problem with them.

    New forum rules are added as a new FAQ section. Direct link to forum rules is this.

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    Input suggestions bout the titles, maybe it could start or end with an identifier of some sort if it's put in a rather public thread that doesnt always contain all questions or all news?Just to make them clear

    New to Java would surely contains questions, and Java Announcements would surely contain news, but threads like Netbeans or IDE's could contain news about the IDE's themselves, since the poster might think that putting the post in Netbeans would have better possibility to be read and commented by people who are in that thread to talk bout Netbeans info, instead of in the Java Announcements where things are too various

    Bout the identifier, maybe ending with one question mark ? for a question would be nice?
    Or started with a POLL:<post title> for polls, NEWS:<post title> for news that aren't put in the Java Announcement thread, or REQ:<post title> if the poster is requesting about something like a request for tutorial, since even though sun had provide the tutorial, there are people who might for, err, lets just say, a tutorial with softer approach and less links there and everywhere, or maybe just another kind of tutorial

    Well, just an opinion :p

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