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    Default Design Patterns and Programming Practices

    I have only been a member for a short while but I have not noticed/come across a forum devoted to Design Patterns and Programming Practices, if Ive missed it please feel free to flame on.

    It would be great to see some discussion around best practice programming, Design Patterns (perhaps with a small examples).

    I think bad habits start early and it would be good to be able to cross ref a forum where questions of design/implementation are the hot topic.

    Instead of just how do i do this ? how do i do that ? ;/

    any thoughts ?

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    Normally these questions pop up in advanced Java, but generally seldom as most unexperienced users have more trouble getting their stuff to compile. Looking at the inability of many member to identify the correct forum for their question, I fear a new forum would be flooded with new to Java questions with only very few design pattern questions.

    my 2c
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    I agree with PhHein,

    Explaining patterns takes time,
    i think that only some kind of large tutorial could be useful.

    Meanwhile I have to recommend you absolutely great book on this issue:

    "Oreilly - Head First - Design Patterns"

    Book is so easy and fun to read,
    but there are a lot of very good examples covered.

    regards :)

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