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    Default editing title and the [solved] prefix

    I cannot see prefix solved after an hour of so of posting, if I try to edit the main post the solved prefix does not show up.
    Additionally if you try to edit the title to simply add [SOLVED] in the title of the post it does not reflect back on the forum overview.
    The prefix is allowed when creating the new post or editing the new post within 1 hour or so, but after that it seems to dissapear.

    This is a double post, but no1 was responding to my other thread which was badly titled. There is a screenshot in the other post which shows what I mean.
    other post click here <-----

    keep in mind the [solved] is not the same as [SOLVED]
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    gcampton Guest


    yep that's what I mean, here is an example again, of the first post... in THIS thread.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails the prefix 'solved' and editing title.-post_edit.jpg   the prefix 'solved' and editing title.-edit_post02.jpg  
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    gcampton Guest


    Additionally I will completely change the title of post. to show that it does not reflect back in the forum overviews.

    the current title is
    the prefix 'solved' and editing title.
    I will now change this to "editing title and the [solved] prefix".
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails the prefix 'solved' and editing title.-forum_overview.jpg  
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    gcampton Guest


    ok I found the solved in an unusual place reading someones post in the lobby who had the same problem. The reason I assumed it was or should be in advanced mode is when you first create a post you can mark the thread as solved which is a drop-down box right next to the title of the post, which also shows for the first edit of an OP, but then seems to dissapear if second, or maybe after a certain amount of time. the drop-down box stayed next to the title everytime I clicked edit for approx. 1 hour then dissapeared, leaving me to conclude there is no way to mark a thread as solved.

    it is also in the drop-down box "Thread tools" while NOT in edit mode, so easy to miss.
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    gcampton Guest


    Realistically being that it is found next to the title box, and this is where most people will see it when posting, it should probably remain so. As to minimize confusion and allow more OP's to mark as SOLVED.

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