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    Exclamation prefix not allowed while editing...

    I noticed when I tried to make my thread as solved that editing the first post there is no option available, even in advanced mode it did not show up, and simply prefixing the title to include [SOLVED] doesn't reflect back in the forums overview.

    Can this be rectified? would also make searching posts a great deal less hassle as posts with [SOLVED] in title would be looked at first and in most cases solves peoples dilemmas.
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    ok .... for some reason it is now showing up in this thread, but not in the thread I want to mark as solved. :confused::confused:
    EDIT: no longer showing in this thread either, so It seems to be on a timer thingy. Also changing the title does not seem to change title in forum overview at all.
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    bump bump bump bump

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    so why the hell did an admin mark this thread as solved when it is not, and has no replies besides myself... ?

    the issue is obviously not resolved so marking it as SOLVED when the whole problem is OP's not being able to mark as solved is just silly, at least leave a comment explaining why it is solved.

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    in the "tools" drop-down box while NOT in edit mode.

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