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    Memory Game

    In this assignment, you will implement a memory game. It will be a GUI application. Use a NxN arrray. NxN /2 characters (2 from each) should be located in the array randomly. In the GUI you will display the array as buttons and characters will be hiden, you may represent the closed boxes with X character. The user will click on the cell that is to be opened. After having the coordinates, the array will be displayed by showing the hidden character in that cell. Then the user will open another character that is supposed to be the match of the previously opened cell. If they are the same, the array will be displayed and these two cells will remain as open, otherwise these two cells will be shown and then they will be closed. The game will be over when all matches are found. You should display the score of the user at the end.

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    • First, you posted in the wrong section of the forum, this is the Suggestions & Feedback section. This post probably should go in the "New to Java" section (moderator can probably move it).
    • Second, it would appear that you want somebody to do this assigment for you. If so, that's not going to happen. This forum is for helping people with their java coding questions/problems, it's not here to do other person's homework.
    • Third, if you have any specific questions or problems with your java program, you can the use the forum.

    Chris S.
    Difficult? This is Mission Impossible, not Mission Difficult. Difficult should be easy.

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