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    Default Java Forums Topics Meant for

    Dear Moderator/Admin

    On the Front page of our Java forums there are plenty of topics and each topic is subdevided again for example General Java, Java SE, Java ME, Java EE and etc., and each into Java Announcements, New to Java, Advanced Java.

    So what i like here is one thread inside the Sub Topic i.e for example

    JavaSE-> Java Applets here what is this and why we use for in the Java information is needed. This information helps the newbie to know the topic and experience the code and interest on to particular subject.

    By this very usefull this is I Like J2ME and i dont know the topics in them. But i inspired or you can say got interest whenever i use the Cellphone which is powered by java and came to know that all the games and applications are designed by the java. So, iam interested to learn that. But seeing the topics i should know what is this.

    Ofcourse to know the topic we can read in the java documentaion but switching from this site to is not needed if the small information (if possible small example ) is provided here itself in each subtopic as a new thread which is at the top of all.

    I think all the people will like this suggestion and i request you to do this.


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    Sorry linuxswan... but I'm having trouble understanding what you're trying to bring across... can anyone else assist linuxswan ?

    JavaSE->Java Applets already exists.... so I'm not sure what you're trying to say....
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    Default tree view list control

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMorgan View Post
    ...can anyone else assist linuxswan ?....
    He's trying, we give him that. What he is trying to do is build an elaborate information classification scheme, not unlike a TreeView List Control. This is a manifestation of typical learning curve and poster needs to study what is already available. Normal phenomena for someone who is trying, I think I have done it myself.

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