Hi experts,

Please help me with my problem.

The situation is that when I place an order in the portal and there are inconsistencies with the items ordered, after clicking on submit, the order page should refresh and there will be an error message that would show up.

But what happens is that instead of the order page appearing, I get a blank screen.
But when I refresh the page, it loads correctly and then the error shows up without a problem.

Any ideas on what should I check?
I'm kind of new with struts so please help me in checking what needs to be checked.

Here is the form action of my order page:
<form action="<isa:webappsURL name="b2b/maintainbasket.do"/>"

Here is the action path under config.xml:
<action path="/b2b/maintainbasket" type="com.wella.isa.util.ZShopIdentificationStanda rdAction">
<forward name="other" path="/b2b/zmaintainbasket.do"/>
<action path="/b2b/zmaintainbasket" type="com.wella.isa.ctrl.action.ZMaintainBasketDis patcherAction">
<forward name="showonly" path="/b2b/basketshow.do"/>
<forward name="delete" path="/b2b/basketdelete.do"/>
<forward name="send" path="/b2b/basketsend.do"/>
<forward name="newshipto" path="/b2b/basketnewshipto.do"/>
<forward name="cancel" path="/b2b/basketcancel.do"/>
<forward name="replaceditem" path="/b2b/basketreplaceditem.do"/>
<forward name="refresh" path="/b2b/basketrefresh.do"/>
<forward name="simulate" path="/b2b/basketsimulate.do"/>
<forward name="prepareitemconfig" path="/b2b/basketprepareitemconfig.do"/>
<forward name="processsoldto" path="/b2b/basketprocesssoldto.do"/>
<forward name="showcuadetail" path="/b2b/cua.do?forward=showcuadetail"/>
<forward name="showproductdetail" path="/b2b/showproductdetail.do"/>
<forward name="itembatch" path="/b2b/basketbatch.do"/>
<forward name="searchshipto" path="/b2b/searchshipto.jsp"/>

Is there something missing in my forward names that should make it go back to the order page if there are inconsistencies with the items ordered?

Thanks for the help everyone!