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    Default calling action from web.xml file


    My application is in Struts2 . I want to know whether I can call action class from web.xml ?

    My point is like ..
    you can put servlet or jsp in first call of application (using <welcome-file-list>) .. can we call struts2 action class directly on giving url like..


    where abcdef is my application context name. So when i hit this URL , i should get something like (which is a struts2 action class) .

    Please help regarding this. Its very urgent.


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    Default Re: calling action from web.xml file

    What happened when you tried it?
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    Default Re: calling action from web.xml file

    Hi Aakash,

    Good to see your question. But web.xml is deployment descriptor file. So basically when you specify any servlet class in it, make sure that this class follows servler execution life cycle.
    So the point is if you have to call struts action class directly from web.xml, it must have to implement GenerticServlet Class or HttpServlet class methods.

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