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    Post installations of struts jar files

    Hi iam new to struts to instal of struts jar files in eclipse ide...and also how to develop the application in eclipse.........???

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    Default Re: installations of struts jar files

    1. Go to Download a Release download the full distribution which is a zip file.

    2. Download and extract. The extracted folder contains sub-folders which include src, lib, docs etc. U need to include some jar files from the lib folder in ur eclipse project.

    3. Create a web project.Web Project > Next > Give a project Name > Next >Content-Directory : web, Check create web.xml > Finish.
    In the web folder u have WEB-INF and META-INF. In the WEB-INF u have the lib folder in which u have to add struts jars.

    4.Go to the project, right click Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries > Add external Jars . then navigate to the Extracted struts folder and add the following jars.

    commons-beanutils, commons-chain, commons-collections, commons-digester
    commons-fileupload, commons-io,commons-lang, commons-lang3, commons-logging, commons validator, freemarker, ognl, struts2-core, struts-core, xwork-core.

    5. Go to project>Properties> Deployment Assembly > Add> Java Build Path entries > Select all the jars > Apply > Ok
    ( U can actually create a user library and use it always but i do it this way)

    U r all set with a blank eclipse project which uses struts 2 libraries.

    Hope u find this useful.

    :) Smiles.

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