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    Default insert into database from struts

    hi i m new to struts. also i have started to develop struts framework based applications.
    now actually my requirement is that i have to insert into database from many jsp pages.
    how to achieve this.
    for example i have employee master from where i ll insert/add new employee,
    next purchase master from where i ll insert/add new purchase details,
    at last sales master from where i ll insert/add new sales details

    i can do this by having three separate class for inserting into three different tables,
    but my requirement is that i should use a common class or jsp page to insert data from many number of pages.
    please provide me any tutorial/link from where can i learn about this and implement it.

    thanks and regards

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    Default Re: insert into database from struts


    try this.....

    create three class for three pages
    now create one common class which has a object of this three class employee,purchase and sales

    now before you load first page employee detail create object of EmployeeDetails class and put this object in session.
    before u navigate next page submit this details to server and set this employee details to session variable and again put this
    object to session. again before u navigate last page sales set again all purchase details in this session variable

    last when u submit last page then you have both pages detail employee and purchase in session

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