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    Default Hi, I need to display the struts form beans data in hierarchial format using dojo .

    Hi, I am new to this dojo , json and ajax. So, any help regarding this prob is appreciated.

    I have a folder structure data in Form bean. I want to represent the data in hierarchial format using the Dojo(It needs the json objects to represent the bean data) . Please help me.

    I am explaining the structure below.

    Manufacturer 1 - part1 - (file1,file2)
    - part2 -( file3,file4 )

    this data i have to show in the tree format. When i click on the manufacturer it should show the part1 and part2.
    When i click on the part1, it should show the file1 and file2. When i click on the file1, the file name, file type, file size and the modified date should be displayed on the same page(We have to use Ajax for this) .
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