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    Default dynamic radio buttons using struts logic iterate


    I have list of questions and list of choices mapped to each question. I want to display the questions and choices in the jsp with choices being radio buttons. I am calling an external service and I am getting response with any number of questions or choices.

    I have the created beans for Question and Choice.

    Code Strutcure is as follows:

    Java Code:
    public class ResponseForm extends ActionForm{
    private List questions;
    public void setQuestions(List questions){
    	this.questions = questions;
    public List getQuestions(){
    	return questions;
    Java Code:
    public class Question{
    private List choices;
    public void setChoices(List choices){
    	this.choices = choices;
    public List getChoices(){
    	return choices
    Java Code:
    public class ChoiceOption{
    private String choiceOption;
    public void setChoiceOption(String choiceOption){
    	this.choiceOption = choiceOpiton;
    public String setChoiceOption(){
    	return choiceOpiton;
    We were able to display the radio buttons in the screen but when selecting the choice we are not sure how to map it back to bean objects

    JavaScript Code:
    <logic:iterate name="questionsList" id="data" scope="session" type="check.Question">
    <bean:define id="choiceList" name="data" property="choices" ></bean:define><br>
    <logic:iterate id="choi" name="choiceList" indexId="j" type="check.Choice" >
    	<%String choOption = choi.getChoiceOption();
    	 String questionID = "Question"+data.getQuestionID(); %>	
    		<td valign="top" align="left" class="urTxtStd">
    			<bean:define id="choiceID" name="choi" type="check.Choice" ></bean:define>
    			<input type="radio" name="<%=questionID%>" value="<%=choOption%>" onclick="setSelection('<%=questionID%>');"></input>
    			<bean:write name="choiceID" property="choiceOption" ignore="true" />	<br>																			
    Please help me on how to map the data with the forms after selecting and submitting
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    Default Re: dynamic radio buttons using struts logic iterate

    Look around the FAQs of the forum and discover how to post code so that it retains its formatting.

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