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    Default Old Form Bean data VS New Form Bean Data

    In my application we use Struts 1.2, Hibernate 3 , Struts Form bean is used for populating and displaying data to the JSP to and fro.

    The application has a Feature which is editing of record retrieved from a database. So when a user clicks the edit button on a JSP page a database query is made and data is populated in a formBean and displayed onto to the JSP.

    So suppose a user edits some data in the form which has about 30 fields And then Submits how would I get to know the difference in old form bean object and the new edited form bean object??

    As the user can edit any field it might 1 field or 20 fields. How would I come to know which field is edited in the form??

    Please can somebody give me idea??

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    Default Re: Old Form Bean data VS New Form Bean Data

    Why do you need to know?
    Since you're using Hibernate then Hibernate will figure out which fields have been changed.
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