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    Default Handling Exceptions in front end with respect to back-end code

    The following code handles both success and failure types.


    url: myAjax.ajaxurl,
    data: {action: 'submit_data', info: info},
    success: function(data) {
    successmessage = 'Data was succesfully captured';
    error: function(data) {
    successmessage = 'Error';

    Will all the error come to the error section....RuntimeException - i.e checked and non-checked exceptions......

    OR only exceptions will be caught and NOT ERRORS..In java we have both ERROR and EXCEPTION classes

    Would like to know what will happen ??

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    Default Re: Handling Exceptions in front end with respect to back-end code

    This has nothing to do with Java.
    The error and success callbacks are entirely based on what is returned from the server, so what response the server returns.
    A success is any 200 response, otherwise (I believe) it will fall into the error callback.

    So which one gets called will depend on how your server is set up to handle exceptions.
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