I have a scenario in the UI where there are two types of status a user can update from two different dropdown menu. For example, consider one of them as Company_Status
and another one as Employee_Status. Basically we have a webservice which shows the most recent history(for Company_Status and Employee_Status respectively when a user
clicks on the History button next to it) which is obtained after pulling it from the database

For example, consider the dropdown options available to a user from Company_Status are 1) Doing well 2) Progress Declining 3) Neutral
Similarly, consider the dropdown options available to a user from Employee_Status are 1) Promotion Due 2) Eligible for Salary hike 3) Good Performer

I have a single update webservice, say for example update_employee_company_status which basically inserts updated records in two different tables (say for example :
1) Company_Details and 2) Company_History_Details )

For displaying the most recent records, data is retrieved from the Company_History_Details table. The structure of the table is like the following

Company_History_ID | Company_Employee_ID | Previous_Company_Status_ID | Current_Company_Status_ID | Change_Date|Previous_Emp_Status_ID| Current_Emp_Status_ID

Explanation about Previous_Company_Status_ID :

For example : All the statuses have Id associated wit hit. So for example, the company status has been changed from "Doing Well" (Status ID : 10) to
Neutral (Status_ID : 13), then the Previous_Company_Status_ID that will get inserted in the database will be 10 and Current_Company_Status_ID will be 13

Similarly for employee as well.

The problem I am seeing here is in the history related webservice results. For example, when I update the company_status related stuff, in the history webservice,
I can see the updated history result which is fine. However, for the history results of Employee_Status, even if I haven't done anything here, I see an additional row record
getting copied over which is strange.