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    Default Printing on Console

    For example in my webservice, if I have to display something in the console, I have seen people printing it like the following using logger class :

    Java Code:
     210: 	@RequestMapping(value="/getemployeelist", method=RequestMethod.GET)
      211:     public String getemployeelist
      212      (
      213      	@RequestParam(value="empid", defaultValue="") String empid_,
      221:"getemployeelist parameters: employee ID  = " + empid_ + ");
    Now, suppose, if I need to print the SQL statements generated using String builder, how can I see the SQL statement in the console?

    For example, for the following :

    Java Code:
     try {
    		 ds = jdbcTemplate.getDataSource();
    			conn = ds.getConnection();
             // Generate the query
    			StringBuilder sql = new StringBuilder();
    			sql.append("select ");
    			sql.append("emp_id , ");
    			sql.append("emplogin , ");
    			sql.append("start_date ");
                sql.append("from emptable ");
    Is it possible to use something like this? :"getemployeelist SQL: Full SQL = " + sql + ");

    I tried but it said "logger" can't be resolved and generated an error.

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    Default Re: Printing on Console

    Have you defined a logger for that class?
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    Default Re: Printing on Console

    Quote Originally Posted by Tolls View Post
    Have you defined a logger for that class?

    I haven't, probably that might be the issue. I have one more question which I am posting in a separate thread where I am not seeing the logs.

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