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    Default Create an array of objects containing objects array ?

    Hi everyone I'm really stuck with this, so I have a table call teachers which have many courses, and courses that have many teachers, and I have the relationship table in between called teacher_courses

    teachers -> teachers_courses <- courses

    so basically what I need is to get an array of teachers in which I need to have an array of courses that they have some thing like:

    Java Code:
                   [  {'name': 'John',
                       'last_name': 'Doe',
                       'courses':[{'name': 'math'},{'name': 'programming'}]},
                      {'name': 'Jane',
                       'last_name': 'Doe',
                       'courses':[{'name': 'math'},{'name': 'programming'}]}
    and so on....

    this is my code right now: which only returns obviously the teachers table:

    Java Code:
    public List<Teacher> getTeachers(){
    		return jdbc.query("select * from teachers", new RowMapper<Teacher>(){
    			public Teacher mapRow(ResultSet rs, int rowNum) throws SQLException {
    				Teacher teacher = new Teacher();
    				return teacher;
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Create an array of objects containing objects array ?

    So, for each Teacher you need to then request the associated set of courses.
    You could do that as a single query, covering all Teachers, order by the teacher id, and populate the teacher objects in a loop, maybe.
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