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    Default Adding external library to Java Spring MVC

    I'm trying to add an external library to a Java Spring MVC project. The library is PyramidIO. The download is at GitHub, but it looks like it only contains the source and I have no idea how to get the thing to compile correctly.

    The GitHub page has an explanation for adding the library as a Maven dependency with a repository. I'm using Gradle, so I added the dependency like this:

    Java Code:
    dependencies {
    	compile ('org.webjars:jquery:2.1.4')
    But I'm not sure how to actually import the library into my project. I've tried a few different statements. Here's what I have now:

    import gov.nist.isg.*;

    I thought about adding the .jar file for PyramidIO to the "Reference Libraries" that I can see with Eclipse, but like I said, I can't figure out how to compile the thing, or find one already compiled.

    So how do I get this external library into my project????

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Adding external library to Java Spring MVC

    After added the dependency, try to ran the command (for maven-> mvn clean install) to get it download in to your local repository .

    Once the jar downloaded successfully, go to your local repository (for maven .m2-repository) and verify the jar.

    Just execute the below steps
    - Go to the eclipse
    - Right click on project - preferences,
    - Go to Build path -- Libraries tab -- see the jar already added
    - Go to Order and Import tab , click select all (so that the newly added jar will be included)
    - Then go to Deployment Assembly tab and Click on Add button and Select all M2_REPO jar and Click

    Now you are all set to access the new jar file in to your code. Try this.

    Thank you.

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