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    Default Get data from different controllers

    I want to build page where are menu and content areas. I have different controllers: PageController, ProductController and maybe some third controller.
    I have read about spring frontcontroller which takes all request. This should be PageController, marked as @RequestMapping(value="/") annotation. This controller manages menu and other page details. ProductController manages all product data and its marked as @RequestMapping(value="product") annotation.
    If i go to url: localhost/webapp/ PageController sends menu to view and everything is Ok. Here is the problem, if i go to url localhost/webapp/product
    the menu is dissapear because no PageController is used. Is it possible that all request uses my PageController and this decide which other controller to use?
    My web.xml
    Java Code:

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    Default Re: Get data from different controllers

    can you post full example what you are doing

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    Default Re: Get data from different controllers

    Can you show me dispatcher-servlet.xml file

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