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    Default Spring Security

    Hi ,

    I am new to spring security and in my project I found below scenario happening .

    We are using spring security to authenticate user . And for every request we are authenticating using Cookie .If cookie presents then process the request . And CSRF protection is also implemented .

    I feel only spring controller request should be authenticated , when i see my application . It is authenticating every css, js, jsp import . Is that approach correct.

    I know I briefly described the problem , Try to understand and reply


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    Default Re: Spring Security

    Not much to answer here, there is just a total lack of information.

    I feel only spring controller request should be authenticated
    Sure. Unless you want to block people from linking to your resources from an external site. Its not about what Spring security does, its about what you do and want to achieve. You are the captain on the ship, don't attack this from the perspective of the tooling doing things and stuff. If you don't understand what it does, research it.
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