i have a project were i use Spring and the SpringToolsSuite.
I have created the classes for the model and then generated the controller and webpages with SpringRoo in SpringMVC.

Now i have to rewrite the webpages to fit the requirements. The webpages are written as JSPs.
Each page can contain simple fields and tables. To have all required functions in the tables it was decided to use SlickGrid.
SlickGrid bases on jquery and requires the data in an array of objects in JavaScript.

Read all data from the database and transport it to the webpage is not a problem and in the JSP i can use java to transform the data to a form that JavaScript can use as an array of objects. But i am not so sure about how to write the data back to database.

I could create a invisible html-table to provide slickgrid with the data and then use the normal bindings in SpringMVC to transport the data between Spring and the html-table.
It would also be possible to send any changes on the data in SlickGrid directly to the spring-controller with ajax.

What is the best solution? Has anyone done something in this direction before?