Hello all! I'm new here but not necessarily new to Java (took my first java class in something like 1999) although I've never really used it for any professional work or even anything very substantive to this point as it's not my day-job that pays the bills..

Anyway, after toying around with Jspresso, RoR (+ a few others that escape me) and the latest stuff was SmartGWT I've decided to give Spring at try and wanted to get your feedback before I get too far to ensure I don't go down a path that wont turn out well.. With that in mind, my web-app will be database tied (Postgres) and will need reports & charts, require logins, sending emails, -- the usual suspects I'd assume.. So, that leads me to what I was hoping to use based on my limited knowledge of all these Java frameworks/packages :

1) Spring core
2) Spring security (Jspresso's team had a pretty decent tutorial on using/setting up Spring Security)
3) JSF for the UI stuff
4) PrimeFaces (JSF related) - their samples look really nice) - optional I guess
5) JPA (preferred but could use Hibernate if needed) for db persistence
6) Spring ORM (possibly -- need to look into this -- not sure if it plays with JPA or whatnot but have used other ORMs in the past with proxied objects)
7) JasperReports (or something like it) for report generation

I think that about covers things.. I will NOT be using Eclipse but will be using the Idea Ultimate IDE and have setup an initial Maven archetype and added the spring core but didn't get past that late last night..

So, do you see any major pitfalls for any of these to play together well? I was not planning on using SpringMVC -- assuming the JSF will be the front-end replacement -- still need to dig into that further. I have done MVC in the distant past using PHP and it was 'ok' but had a lot of different files to make up 'a' page (templates, code to fill in the templates (e.g. view), etc) -- got a little tedious to jump back and forth finding the little bits that needed updates,etc..

Any suggestions would be appreciated!