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    Default How to give class path for .properties file

    Hello evryone,i am newbie i have a small query
    i have added .properties file, and in my configuration.xml when i enter code
    <bean id="placeholderConfig"
    class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.Pr opertyPlaceholderConfigurer">
    <property name="location"
    value="" />

    this is working, as i have mentioned my file inside the src/main/resources

    now my query is i dont want this .properties file to be inside the src folder, i want to keep this outside such that when i make jac file this will not be loaded, and i can easily give property info,

    so i added a folder config in my project along with src, target (Maven project) in the config folder i added the .properties file and i gave the classpath as classpath:/home/dev06/filesystem(prjct name )/config/ - and i am getting an exception as nested exception - could nt find the .properties file and even tried by giving class[path : filesystem(prjct name)/config/

    correct me if i am wrong-

    i even tried by adding my folder as classfolder to my eclipse project, but still i am getting the same

    can any one please help me :)

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    Default Re: How to give class path for .properties file

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