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  1. How to use DataOutputStream and DataInputStream with PipedWriter and PipedReader
  2. How to use BufferedWriter and BufferedReader with PipedWriter and PipedReader
  3. A utility class that parses a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file
  4. How to read input from console
  5. How to get the count of all the lines in a file
  6. How to extract a java bean object from the XML file
  7. How to write a java bean class object to XML file
  8. How to read input from the console
  9. How to get Current Directory through File
  10. How to make delete particular extension file from a directory
  11. How to check whether file is exists or not
  12. How to rename a file
  13. How to change the date of modification of a file
  14. What is Serialization and de-serialization in Java
  15. How to get the last modified date of a file from a java program
  16. How to create directory through Java Code
  17. How to execute an External Program through Java program
  18. How to redirect the output