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  1. Raspberry Pi help
  2. Using a textbox to get keypad code?
  3. Lifecycle exception error occuring during Java app load
  4. Help Required for making WhatsApp.jar
  5. Arduino GSM Shield & java server-side
  6. SMS reading and give output through mobile USB
  7. Device IMEI
  8. where I should start from???
  9. how to flush the keyboard buffer in java?
  10. Looking for a working J2ME environment with JSR-82/Bluetooth emulation for Linux
  11. How to connect NFC in J2ME emulator
  12. Web of Thing programming in SunSPOT Java
  13. I want to secure my Mobile Class Library source code
  14. j2me application servlet
  15. Can't find a method to render existing SVG image by Java Salamande0r in Eclipse
  16. J2me help
  17. Hack whatsapp for java phones
  18. Trying to get a list that goes on to show images
  19. Whatsapp on s40
  20. Transfering the app to the phone
  21. Diffrent screen resolution
  22. GUI MIDP ( Netbeans Visual Editor )
  23. LWUIT Tabs Click Event
  24. How to enter data using buttons in a text field like " 1+3 " like calculator
  25. How to make a calendar using a Visual MIDlet
  26. Curios
  27. LWUIT textarea with multilines
  28. Parse J2ME PHP
  29. How display captcha image from url link [J2ME]
  30. How to display result in textfield?
  31. How to prevent hacking game client-server by decompile->modify->package new client
  32. sending multipart request to bada os (samsung set)in j2me
  33. No SVG image preview in netbeans visual midlet screen <SVG image is not specified>
  34. lwuit in j2me
  35. J2ME, stop play after pressed button
  36. java me netbeans
  37. J2me
  38. List is not working in netbean 7.1
  39. Java ME API ?
  40. HELP NEEDED with J2ME program
  41. matlab - java
  42. Receive/Intercept SMS in Java Midlets
  43. why this HTTPPost class is not working on Samsung phones and emulator?
  44. How to write data to file Java ME cldc 1.1 midp 2.0
  45. Video Recording and Save on Server..??
  46. DatagramConnection "The address is already in use"
  47. Item Flickering
  48. WMADemo Problem: MMS send to default inbox instead to midlet
  49. Autorun Application
  50. how to know if your target device to be installed with midlet is a touchscreen?
  51. Java applications into smart phones.
  52. System.currenttimemillis()
  53. j2me write file
  54. J2ME Dynamic arrays
  55. about j2me deployement
  56. java2me - декомпиляция.
  57. lwuit radio button
  58. MessageDigest output different from that generated using j2se SHA-1 or MD5
  59. update a .jar mobile game
  60. What to clean up in destroyApp?
  61. How to do pagination in java me
  62. Problem with initializing two arrays
  63. featch imei no by midlet
  64. Using java.util.ArrayList in J2ME (jre 1.4)
  65. Getting StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while using textWrap code
  66. How I can draw on textbox
  67. Sending sound file to server
  68. Issues With GameCanvas Performance
  69. Connecting Mysql with J2ME
  70. Access files in folders and sub-folders
  71. Draw button with glass effect
  72. Kinetic scrolling for touchscreens J2ME
  73. Midlet to call a j2me java class
  74. Not getting value in midlet from servlet
  75. Compilin prob
  76. Lil prob
  77. Metronom app - problem with threading
  78. Events in commandAction(command, item) in MIDlet
  79. Casting a String object to a Form object
  80. problem in display the data in database using j2me
  81. ANT build script, problem with packaging using rapc
  82. touch width?
  83. Multiple audio files played at once?
  84. How to shift a String in a rectangle which is type of Canvas
  85. How to get scores from user in Canvas J2ME?
  86. Lightweight WSDL2Java tool
  87. 2 Restriction on TextField
  88. Java Key Genarator app
  89. Bluetooth Device Discovery using Netbeans IDE + Java ME Device Manager
  90. sending message to phones
  91. Wav player not playing
  92. Text Area
  93. Dragging an image
  94. Server
  95. PointerPressed
  96. Java on nokia 5800
  97. Cannot click on the buttons
  98. j2me container app
  99. StringItem and images
  100. How to Search, Compare, and Replace text in the TextBox?
  101. JAD NOT FOUND !! hlp
  102. How to get rid of the Bottombar ?
  103. cant store images
  104. How to update Jar file in Eclipse
  105. Syntax of Switch statement in j2me
  106. web server error for J2ME application
  107. Move from one screen fto other screen
  108. Is my Mobile Handset compatible with running JavaME developed applications?
  109. How to copy J2ME application to a mobile device
  110. Connect to data base in J2ME
  111. How to remove this error..??
  112. Using database in midlets
  113. Running multiple emulators on OSX (snow leopard)
  114. Connect to wap
  115. How to building a project with a phone MIDP?
  116. question about Font.stringWidth()
  117. Implementing bluetooth/network code (beginners).
  118. Can anyone help with Images???
  119. phone application with java ME
  120. Not able to launch J2ME application
  121. How to evaluate the mathematical expression from the string in J2ME
  122. J2SE and Java DB
  123. RecordControl commit() method works only once
  124. Print from my cldc mobile
  125. Cant pass ByteArray from Servlet to Midlet
  126. I want to create an app for Nokia 5800
  127. null pointer exception in lwuit
  128. Problem with simple code in Java ME SDK 3.0
  129. KeyPairGeneration Problem
  130. timr task and timer problems
  131. How display text in listbox or text area right to left or center??
  132. WriteUTF() add junk characters to Bluetooth printer
  133. cannot find symbol method initCause(java.lang.ClassNotFoundException)
  134. make jar file
  135. Recommend a good j2me book
  136. Math functions
  137. J2ME POP3 connection code for INBOX
  138. How can I parse the data ?
  139. problem while using setFrameSequence()
  140. make a jad file error
  141. limit login attempts
  142. SkeletonMidlet is not abstract and does not override abstract method
  143. The midlet cannot search...
  144. Http Connetion
  145. Repaint calling Statement Doesn't Work in my code ?
  146. difference between destroyApp()
  147. need help on my bluetooth chat application
  148. My program complied nicely but there is error when running
  149. NetBeans to set images for J2ME
  150. New to j2me application please suggest how to lean easily
  151. Using JABWT and J2ME
  152. camara accsess
  153. Generic Errors faced
  154. Audio Streaming in J2me
  155. Bugs in calculator
  156. Help me in adding keylistener
  157. MIDlet install into a phone
  158. Invalid Application
  159. Problem with NumberFormatException in calculator
  160. Display.setCurrent does not work
  161. Append to file
  162. J2ME Application on Sony Window Mobile
  163. java.lang.NullPointerException
  164. Remove a Blank Line from Text file
  165. How to make simple dicitonary J2ME
  166. Delete A File
  167. Make a readable book for mobile phones?
  168. Encrypt and decrypt SMS
  169. Error on consuming webservice
  170. The problem with the coding xml
  171. send image from computer to mobile
  172. How to use resource (.res) file in your java me project
  173. reading urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese from url
  174. What is the different between Text format display on web browser and display on midle
  175. how to show web browser in mobile app or is it possible to show it in textArea
  176. Is there any way to get the user mobile number in J2ME
  177. how to repalce space with %20 in a string
  178. How restrict TextArea that it only contain stirngs
  179. How to set TextArea after getting it's value from CGI script
  180. boolean condition creating problem
  181. How to write focus listener for buttons
  182. How to get focus on components in LWUIT form
  183. Please tell me what i am doing wrong in this code
  184. applicaton for nokia S60 devices(Translator), need help
  185. LWUIT Table
  186. Remote Desktop Application
  187. need some compatibility information
  188. repaint method
  189. j2me code
  190. j2me exception
  191. How do I compile this project?
  192. Wordladder
  193. What would be the best way to store a large Database with J2me
  194. I can't seem to install a package with java me SDK 3.0
  195. How to create pass by reference??
  196. can store image&text in rms seperately but NOT together :(
  197. Comparsion between Integer and Int
  198. Help required for black berry app development
  199. Confermation Alert with image
  200. what happen whene jar file (j2me) install on mobile device ???
  201. Reading file zip in j2me
  202. MIDP and bluetooth programming
  203. get keypresses from SVGForm with only SVGLabels
  204. develope mobile application
  205. Accessing external files in Java ME
  206. Socket connection - MIDlet
  207. Need bluetooth connetion example
  208. Need tic tac toe code in j2me
  209. How can i hide the menu bar ?
  210. Video Frame Capture
  211. camera pic
  212. Plz help deploy bluetooth test on mobile
  213. approx. 1000 instances of class?
  214. How create big Graphics?
  215. List of files and directories.
  216. import javax.microedition.io.file.*; - error
  217. How create visual class?
  218. java to j2me
  219. java.io.* NetBeans 5.0
  220. How invoke open dialog?
  221. topic is for errors and questions i get throughout my work
  222. How correctly open text file?
  223. How get width of string?
  224. Why this code don't work?
  225. Wireless Connection
  226. converting java app to midlet for mobile
  227. Simple Game example
  228. send at command
  229. comparison of two (identical) strings doesn't work
  230. sound works then stops!
  231. location provider returns no location
  232. RegardingSgould Enter in user defined inbox
  233. custom midlet-servlet chat app problem
  234. Midlet - While loop won't run?
  235. make textbox in canvas
  236. J2ME background image
  237. Java MIDlet as a background-image
  238. how to obtain straightline pixels
  239. List of J2ME supported devices?
  240. thread.sleep
  241. Display image from filesystem
  242. show watch
  243. RTSP and RTP support
  244. Help for Mobile Contacts
  245. probleam in getting phone time and date !!!
  246. Error When Using RecordStore With Java ME
  247. WHY j2me app does not send http data?
  248. my project::::
  249. How to make adapter class between FileConnection and StorageConnection?
  250. Code signing works on nokia/Samsung phone for javax.microedtion.io.StreamConnection