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  1. I include servlet, get data from:this is textbook problem (self solve not instructed)

    Please answer asap.... this is textbook problem (self solve not instructed)...

    I include[attach] whole servlet, get data from:

    <form action="/Webdbt/flowerpower" method="get">
  2. may problem above be in the DATA, I have:...

    may problem above be in the DATA, I have:
    somewhere in the doPost executed...
  3. make it more clear rs.getString(5)-nowork/"8.9"-work

    if I insert
    rs.getString(5) // field5 = currency field MS-Access DB
    it doesn't work, but if insert
    work in value of hidden field , where error ?
    out.println("<input type=\"hidden\"...
  4. how from an Access Currency field I populate a hidden field

    //out.println("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"price" + plantNo + "\" value=\"" + rs.getString(5) + "\">");

    The above found to give errors... how from Access Currency field like price= ...
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