This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to create messaging applications in Java.
You will also learn:
- How to create the application user interface.
- How to use the gmail service of Google.
- Tricks to make the best use of eclipse, which can also be used in other IDE (android studio, NetBeans).
This is my first english course on Udemy so you will not find reviews that can give you an idea on the level of the course, therefore, I ask you to be objective:
If you believe this is the course for you, if you believe that the skills and knowledges that I transmit to you in this course can serve you tomorrow, and if you recognize my skills then sign up for the course.
You can contact me at any time and from me you will have a complete and total availability. If this were not enough I remember you that Udemy involves satisfied or REFUNDED formula in the first 30 days. So my advice is to sign up for the course, if you later realize it's not a course that suits you then you can apply for and obtain the TOTAL REFUND of the payment .

The price of the course is only 10 $ if you buy it from the following link !

You can also use the link above to check the preview of the course (it's free) .