Hi Folks,

Here is a list of courses that you might be interested. All prices are the lowest that Udemy allows me to set. Learning is a life-long process. Good luck!

Build An Online Bank With Java, Angular 2, Spring and More

Comprehensive guide on building online banking system with Frontend, Backend, Database, REST and more using latest Tech


Building An Ecommerce Store Using Java Spring framework

Hands-on experience with Spring MVC, Spring Data, Hibernate, JPA, Spring Security, Spring Webflow and more

Fundamentals of Angular 2 Full Stack Design
A Quick Start Guide On Most Recent Angular 2 - - Start Light and Start Fast


Build A Web App With Spring Framework and Angular 2
Step by Step guide on Angular 2 + Spring Boot + Hiberante + Tokenbased Security+Eclipse


For Free - Deploy Quickly Spring Boot on Heroku With MySQL
Show case your web app with free cloud service



Learn Spring Framework Practically -Hands On Recipies
Build your Web Dev toolbox of Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring REST


Learn OAuth 2.0 - Theory and Hands On
Learn with Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring OAuth, Bootstrap and more

Learn Spring Security 4 Basics - Hands On
An Introduction to Basics and Authentication Customization

Learn Spring Security 4 Intermediate - Hands On
A more advanced tutorial on Spring Security 4 which is a continuation on the Learn Spring Security 4 Basics course