Hi guys, I'm new to this, so please be good :) This is my newest article on productivity tips for Java engineers.

Java can be a tough thing to work with, as it will be a lot harder to stay organized and productive throughout your day than you might think. However, here we have written a few tips in order to help you stay on top of your game while working, and you will be a lot more organized, focused and productive.

1. When should you open your e-mails?
Checking your e-mails and responding to them is quite the hassle, especially when you are in the middle of doing some important work, and just checking that inbox makes all of your productivity disappear. By placing your focus on responding to e-mails, you forget all about the work that is ahead of you, and you won't be able to reach that peak of productivity you were at. So, by checking all your e-mails and responding to them before you start working with Java, you will be able to work unhindered. Also, you can check them after you are done with all of your work, or you can predetermine set times.

2. Making lists.
Even if you think you are able to keep track of everything and you don't need to write anything down, when it comes to having a ton of work in the Java Development Software, you might want to make a list of the import things for you to do that day. Even if you can keep track of everything without writing it down, when you have a lot of work, some things just slip away from your mind.

3.Follow the priorities on your lists.
When you make the list, it is crucial that you arrange your task in order of what is more important, so when you follow it, you start by accomplishing the important things at first. This will help you progress quickly and you will be staying on track. You should also get some very deserved breaks in between the tasks.

4. What you should do at meetings.
Meetings are a way to discuss progress and ideas, but they have also become a way for the higher-ups to boost their own morale while disrupting the productivity of their employees. Unless the meeting is mandatory, you should try to skip it, if it is, then try keeping it short and helpful, instead of the meeting disrupting your work.

5. Distractions.
Breaks aren't bad, we should take them, but when you go on the internet you get lost in the web of social media. This makes us lose all of our productive drive when working with Java and we are basically losing time. When working all distractions must be kept away. This will boost motivation and you will be able to stay on track.