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    Default I wrote a symbol solver and type calculator for Java

    Hi, I have been contributing for a while to JavaParser and recently I created a project to analyze java source code, resolving symbols and calculating types. For example using it on this code:

    Java Code:
    int a = 0;
    while (true) {
        String a = "hello!";
        Object foo = a + 1;
    It would be able to tell you the type of the expression "a + 1". It is able to process much more complex cases, considering method overloading, generics, lambdas etc.

    My goal is to use it for code refactoring, static analysis and so on. For example I plan to change my effectivejava project to use it.

    My project is called JavaSymbolSolver and it is available on Github:

    I would love to hear feedback, comments, critics, advices etc.

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    Default Re: I wrote a symbol solver and type calculator for Java

    Moved from Advanced Java to Reviews/Advertising.

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