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    Default Beginner Projects

    Hi all,
    I was thinking of things I could/wanted to make as exercises for my coding skills but I couldn't really think of anything.
    I figured I probably wasn't the only one with that issue :P so I thought why not get some input from everyone.

    I'm talking about ideas for real simple, small programs here like making a timer/stopwatch or tic-tac-toe and NOT something like: make your own super-mario game.

    I've already made a few simple things like:
    a fan (like a circle with a few colored partitions that rotate inside the circle :P )
    traffic lights (box, 3 circles, red/yellow/green lights, buttons to toggle which light should turn on)
    EU-US converter (for kg to pounds, miles to km etc. convert both ways of course)
    a password generator giving a selected number of random letters,numbers and CAPITAL LETTERS
    a timer (cause for some reason I don't like using the one on my phone and wanted one on my pc)
    a quality calculator for movies (using resolution, FPS and video bitrate to calculate the quality)
    a tic-tac-toe game
    a 4-in-a-row game

    you can make all those with simple methods, swing and other basic java knowledge.

    if anyone is looking for a simple project one of those might be fun to do.
    and if you think of a fun project for others (and me) please add it in a post.

    thanks in advance :)
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    Default Re: Beginner Projects

    Moved from New to Java to Review/Advertising.

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