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    Default i need some information about java experts

    i need some information about java experts:

    1.where can i get the latest version of java6?
    2.When throw keyword is used in java?
    3.can i know the difference between object oriented programming language and object based programming language?

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    Default Re: i need some information about java experts

    1. you have to get a support license from Oracle. The latest publicly available version can be downloaded through

    Oracle Java Archive | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle

    Using the Java 6 you can download for free is a security risk; keep that in mind.

    2. when it makes sense to do so. To know when it makes sense, you actually go ahead and learn Java.

    3. I don't think there is a difference, its just a different choice of words. If there is a difference, Wikipedia can tell you about it.
    "Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon." -- Alan Perlis

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