Maven, Struts2 Annotations and Tiles Integration Example via Convention / Codebhind / Zero Config plugin using Eclipse IDE
In this example, I will demonstrate how you can use Struts2 Annotations and Conventions alone to avoid XML Configuration. I will also integrate Struts2 Tiles Plugin, because I?ve seen a number of people struggling when it comes to Tiles integration with Struts2 Annotation and Convention based projects. Do note that Struts2 Convention Plugin has replaced the older Codebehind plugin and Zero Config Plugin.
~ Struts2 Conventions Plugin Features
~ Create new Maven Project using Eclipse IDE
~ Add Struts2 Core, Convention Plugin and Tiles Plugin Dependencies
~ Create Struts2 Actions
~ Annotate Struts2 Action with Tiles Result Type
~ Configure web.xml with Struts2 Standard Filter Mapping, Tiles Configuration and Tiles Listener
~ Create Tiles Definitions File
~ Create Java Server Pages (JSP)
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