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    Default Framework to work with Java and HTML5?

    Hello! I was studying last year Spring, Hibernate, Maven and now I'm reading HTML5 and CSS3 from an ebook, I need to know your opinions about a framework with HTML5 and Java, I have heard about JSf 2.2 with HTML5, but I don't know the right way to go to make a web site available from mobile and tablet. What about Next

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    Default Re: Framework to work with Java and HTML5?

    (does not seem to be spam since its a link to a free framework).

    Try it, its the only way to really know. You can also try:

    - Apache Wicket
    - Play framework

    JSF is becoming more and more flexible with each release (the latest release moves more towards allowing you to do it the Wicket way for example), but at this point it is more an afterthought than a real framework feature which leads to wonky documentation, especially with the rich internet history behind JSF which is not aware of its new flexibility. Makes it hard to find proper information and examples.

    So you are better off with a framework which is designed from the first moment to focus on the back-end and gives you complete or near-complete freedom on the front-end. I like Wicket in that respect since the front-end is actually pure HTML.

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    Default Re: Framework to work with Java and HTML5?

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