Using LinkedIn REST API to Share Content Programmatically via Scribe-Java OAuth Library
In this post, I will demonstrate how you can use LinkedIn REST API to Share Content programmatically via Scribe-Java OAuth Library.
To start with, you need to have an active LinkedIn account. Plus, you need to create a new LinkedIn Developer Application from LinkedIn Developer Site. If you want help on this, please refer to my previous post in which I demonstrate how you can create a new LinkedIn Developer Application, set different Scope(s) and how you can get following:
API Secret
OAuth Token
OAuth Secret
Do note that, for this example, you need to have 'rw_nus' scope because it is required to retrieve and post updates to LinkedIn as authenticated user. So make sure you have checked the relevant box against ?rw_nus?.
A LinkedIn Share contains following elements:
Content ? Title
Content ? URL
Content ? Description
Content ? Image URL

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