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Thread: How do you deal with computation during Java application development?

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    Exclamation How do you deal with computation during Java application development?

    Computations in Java application development- Buyers of the Same Products

    When developing Java application, we may encounter computation similar to database computation. For example, there are 2 frequently-updated Excel sheets, namely, the client data record and the order record, and input a dynamic product list to find out which clients in the Excel sheet have bought all products in the list.
    The "similar to database computation" refers to computation on the structured data of an application without database. Although Java code is capable of handling such computation, the computation procedure is very cumbersome and verbose.
    It takes programmers great time and efforts to implement the computational details. For example, seek the maximum, ranking, filter, group, and average. In addition, it is cumbersome to define various data types. For example, define class, use object to represent every piece of data, and then use List to store multiple pieces of data. The computational procedure is implemented with nested multiple level of loops. The computations involve the set computation and relation computation between massive data, or computation on relative positions between objects and object attributes. It takes great efforts to implement the underlying logics for these computations.
    It is obvious that such computation is hard to perform all by Java itself. Then, how to implement the database computation alike computations in Java conveniently? I find esProc can deal with it as follows.
       esProc is a development tool especially designed for database computations. esProc offers native support for the cross-database computations and the code reuse, with a set of very perfect debugging functions. No wonder that the development productivity in esProc is also superior to that in SQL. esProc can retrieve from and operate on multiple databases, text files, or Excel sheets. Its grid style and agile syntax is especially designed for the massive structured data computation. esProc supports external parameters and the computational result in esProc can be exported though JDBC for direct invocation with Java language and reporting tools. So, esProc can boost the computational capability of Java dramatically.
    With regard to the above-mentioned computational goal, esProc code is as follows:

    A B
    1 =file(“e:\\customers.xlsx”).import@t()
    2 =file(:e:\\orders.xlsx”).import@t()
    3 =A2.switch(customer_id.A1)
    4;~:OrderList);~.(item_id).id(): ItemOfCustomer)
    5 =B4.Select(itemParam^~.ItemOfCustomer==itemParam)

    esProc is good at simplifying the complex computation, and allows for integrating with the Java application in a convenient way.
    Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:esproc:local ://”);
    PreparedStatement st=con. prepareStatement(“call p31(?)”);

    Do you have any easier way?

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    Default Re: How do you deal with computation during Java application development?

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