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    Default Feedback on this implementation of a HashMap

    So I have tried to implement a HashMap myself via a Node class, which just
    constructs a node with a key and a corresponding value, it has also got a getHashCode method, where I just concatenate the two values on each other.

    I have also constructed a SinglyLinkedList (part of a previous assignment), which I use as the bucket.

    And my Hash function is simply hashCode % hashMap.length.

    Here is my own implementation, so what do you think of it?
    Java Code:
    	package spreadsheet; 
    	public class HashTableMap {
    	  private SinglyLinkedListMap[] hashArray;
    	  private int size;
    	  public HashTableMap() {
    		hashArray = new SinglyLinkedListMap[64];
    		size = 0;  
    	  public void insert(final Position key, final Expression value) {
    		  Node node = new Node(key, value); 
    		  int hashNumber = node.getHashCode() % hashArray.length;	    
    		  SinglyLinkedListMap bucket = new SinglyLinkedListMap();
    		  bucket.insert(key, value);
    		  if(hashArray[hashNumber] == null) {
    			hashArray[hashNumber] = bucket;
    		  if(hashArray[hashNumber] != null) {
    			SinglyLinkedListMap bucket2 = hashArray[hashNumber];
    			bucket2.insert(key, value);
    			hashArray[hashNumber] = bucket2;
    		  if (hashArray.length == size) {
    			  SinglyLinkedListMap[] newhashArray = new SinglyLinkedListMap[size * 2];
    		  for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
    			  newhashArray[i] = hashArray[i];
    		  hashArray = newhashArray;
    	  public Expression lookUp(final Position key) {
    		  Node node = new Node(key, null); 
    		  int hashNumber = node.getHashCode() % hashArray.length;
    		  SinglyLinkedListMap foundBucket = hashArray[hashNumber];
    		  return foundBucket.lookUp(key); 
    The look up time should be around O(1), so I would like to know if that is the case? And if not how can I improve it, in that regard?

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    Default Re: Feedback on this implementation of a HashMap

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