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    Default JSF2: Creating Custom Component [OutputObject]

    In this article, you will see just how easy it is to create new components that are fully functional and integrated into your web applications by creating a new component that takes a simple - with primative attributes only - java bean object as a value and his output will be the bean details printed in HTML table


    JSF code:

    Java Code:
    <html xmlns=""
                    <h1>User Bean</h1>
                    <cc:outputObject value="#{mybean.user}" />
                    <h1>Address Bean</h1>
                    <cc:outputObject value="#{mybean.address}" />
    Will produce the following:

    The article...

    JSF2: Creating Custom Component [OutputObject]

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    Default Re: JSF2: Creating Custom Component [OutputObject]

    Moved from JavaServer Faces (JSF).

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