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    Post My first program open source

    Hi (Mr or Miss reader)

    I'm new to java but I'm not new to programming in general. I've played with C++ on and off over the last few years never really making much. I started playing with Java recently and I made a little program.

    My program is a GUI that allows you to click "open" and select a .java code file and then click "launch" and my program will compile your code and then launch it without you doing any typing into cmd prompt.

    Java Programming

    I think it could be useful to someone and the source code I'm sure is useful for people. Also if anyone wants to read the source code and tell me if they think anything I did was really amateur, bad or just know a better way of going about things feel free to let me know. Thanks for reading

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    Default Re: My first program open source

    Moved from New to Java. Please post in a suitable section in future. Non technical posts in the technical sections are liable to be deleted as spam.

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