I have created this Web Development blog site with several articles based on my own work experience in the industry for more then a decade. I am really curious to get the feedback on the site regarding following things

1. Design of the site
2. Quality of articles
3. The logo
4. Any other distracting things on site.

Site URL : FromDev : Web Development, Books Recommendation, Java Programming, Coding Tips

I am not an artist and understand that having a good looking site is really important, however I can not tell if its good looking until some people review and tell me how it looks. I have asked my wife to tell her opinion and she does not like the colors on the site and the logo.

I personally think it has a lot of scope of improvement but have limited creativity and knowledge of making it beautiful. So feel free to suggest options for building a beautiful site too.

I dont mind harsh feedback, you can be rude to me and say this site sucks, however I would appreciate if you be honest and could tell me what are the things you do not like about it being so.

Thanks for reading this.
FromDev: Web Development, Programming, Books Recommendation