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    Default Test My English Draughts Game

    Greetings EveryOne :D

    After months of hard work on my English Draughts game, I am glad to present you my version 1.01, for anyone who doesn't know this game you can read about it at wikipedia: English Draughts.

    There is an html page with my game, i'm using it to display game instructions, i got my html page to be displayed on JEditorPane. one more thing the link on the html page is the same as the link listed above.

    The Manage Attachments is not working for me so i had to uploaded my game on 4shared: - - online file sharing and storage - download

    For anyone interested, test my game and provide your feedback.

    Thank You In Advance :D
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    Default Re: Test My English Draughts Game

    Moved from Java Applets.

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